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family unhappy about huntsville suspecteD murderer bonding out

The Walker County District Attorney says he doesn’t like the idea that a man charged with shooting a man to death was able to post bond and get out of jail, but says it was one of the highest bonds ever set for a suspect.

Plato Splawn Junior is suspected of shooting Edwin Garcia, 25, and his wife Sandra Splawn, 35, earlier this month.

Although Garcia died Sandra Splawn survived and is doing ok.

Plato Splawn was arrested for murder and aggravated assault, but a couple of days later he posted bond. The Garcia family is upset that Splawn was released from jail after posting his $130,000 bond.

"I think he is dangerous. The circumstances of his offense, the killing of Edwin Garcia and the shooting of Mrs. Splawn, it’s just cold-blooded," said David Weeks, the Walker County District Attorney, who met with Edwin Garcia’s father and sister.

The family presented a petition with over 200 names— all who believe that Splawn’s release from jail is unfair.

"We hadn’t even buried my brother yet. We hadn’t even finished the funeral arrangements and all of that when the man was already out. That’s what kind of really insulted the family," said Nancy Garcia, the victim’s sister.

The district attorney says he will present the petition in court. Garcia says there are several supporters still wanting to sign it.

"People we don’t know that we have never even heard of, people outside of Huntsville. People that knew my brother, and they have just been calling, texting and everything," said Garcia.

The family said their fuel for continuing to fight for justice comes from knowing that Splawn gets the opportunity to spend Christmas with his family, but for the first time their loved one won’t.

The district attorney says he hopes to have Splawn indicted by February and that his trial will probably be set for next fall.

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