October 1, 2022 7:41 pm

Posted: 9.1.2010 5:04

Family’s “dream home” burns

Homeowner Travis Thomas became too choked up to continue speaking on Friday, as he stood in font of the charred remains of his home explaining that three years earlier, the structure was remodeled to his wife’s specifications, making it their “dream home.”

At 1:09 a.m. that morning, the couple woke to the sound of smoke detectors, which they initialy mistook for a burglar alarm. They got up and the house was dark, but they saw a red glow where the attic stairs pulled down, and they knew their home was burning. The family evacuated.

The ranch style home in the 19000 block of FM 2854 suffered extensive damage. Thomas believes the central heating unit caused the fire.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams said the fire was an excellent example of the importance of working smoke detectors.

Sine the fire started in the attic, without a working smoke detector, the family might have remained asleep as their home burned, and the walls and roof could have collapsed on them, Williams said.

“We easily could have had a multiple fatality fire,” he said.