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Man Struck, Killed by Big Rig

Tragedy struck on SH 242 once again on Wednesday, in the form of an auto vs. pedestrian death. A fatal crash was probably the last thing 37-year-old truck driver Wayne Haney of Winnsboro, Texas thought would happen that morning. Haney had just left the Trade Center and SH 242 area after unloading his truck at 6:30 a.m. and was east bound on SH 242.

Just as he passed Summerset Estates Subdivision, 45-year-old Norman Roger Lewis of Pineland Texas, who had been described by other witnesses as walking in and out of the lane of traffic, stepped into the eastbound lane and was struck by Haney’s truck. Montgomery County Hospital District medics and the Caney Creek Fire Department were dispatched to the scene but determined the male was dead on the scene. SH242 was closed between FM 1314 and Old Houston until just after 8 a.m.

Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts arrived at the scene and conducted an inquest. Judge Metts ordered Metcalf Funeral Directors to transport the body to the Montgomery County Forensic Center in Conroe for autopsy.

Texas Department of Public Safety investigated the crash, and as with any crash of this nature, Haney was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital by DPS for a blood test.

DPS did not cite Haney for any violations.


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  1. My brother lost his CDL license for 5 years after a DWI in his personal vehicle, so don’t drive and drink if you value your means of financial support! Stay home if you’re drinking!!

  2. A CDL driver will loose their license on the FIRST DWI/DUI conviction even if in their personal vehicle & any time they are involved in an accident they are tested.

  3. Yea similar to OSHA my dad is a truck Eritreans one yearduring winter this lady hit a sheet of ice and lost control and wrecked into him the accident was not his fault at all but they still made him drive 100 miles back just to get blood tests

  4. The reason the driver had to go for a blood test, is any time a driver of a commercial vehicle is involved in any kind of traffic accident, per federal law they must take a blood test, even if they are not deemed at fault. Their log books are also checked to see if they were to be in that spot at that time legally. All of this is per federal laws that the states must follow.

  5. Makes sense now that you say it that way. At first glance I thought it was odd, but since he was ‘working’ when the accident occurred sounds like OSHA or similar regulation, especially since it is transportation related. Could be NTSB even.

  6. “as with any crash of this nature ” which means it’s SOP (standard operating procedure). Most likely it’s because it’s a commercial vehicle incident.

    Might be a state law, or OSHA regulation. Like when someone gets hurt on a job site, or has an accident, they usually check blood, to make sure outside influences weren’t a factor.

  7. If you have a accident has a CDL driver a urine drug test is mandatory but if it is a possible fatal accident you have to get blood drawn . The truck drivers get treated a bit differently you kinda feel like guilty until proven other wise and always at fault .

  8. I am interested to know why also. I just spoke to a dps trooper and he said that he only transports for blood if he thinks there possibly could have been drugs or alcohol involved.

  9. obviously you are not familiar with CDL drivers of any kind because anytime they are involvedin a wreck no matter how major/minor they have to have blood drawn

  10. Why was blood drawn from the truck driver? Was he showing to be impaired? Is that typical practice to draw blood from someone(anyone/everyone) involved in a fatality accident?

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