Just after 7 am Monday morning, MCHD ALARM received multiple 911 calls reporting a motor vehicle incident on FM 1488 near The Mansions Blvd. Reports indicated that one person was lying in the roadway not moving. MCHD EMS units were dispatched along with Conroe and Needham Fire Departments and the Conroe Police Department. Shortly after arrival, Conroe E4 advised they had four vehicles with heavy damage and one pt with CPR in progress. At 7:24 it was determined that the patient had injuries incompatible with life. According to Conroe Police, a motorcycle and a Toyota Tundra pickup were westbound at the red light at FM 1488 and Mansions Blvd. As the light changed both continued on. Witnesses said the motorcycle began weaving in and out of traffic and struck the back of the landscape trailer being pulled by the Tundra. This caused the Tundra to lose control and cross into the eastbound lanes striking a Toyota Corolla and a Volvo at Johnson Martin Road. FM 1488 was closed for several hours as Conroe Police investigated the crash.

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