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father and daughter injured in 4 wheeler accident

Just before 5 p.m. Monday evening a family outing turned tragic. As a father and his 22-year-old daughter rode on a four-wheeler near the intersection of IH 45 and River Plantation they ran through a drainage ditch flipping both of the four-wheeler. The young ladies mother on another four-wheeler called EMS for help.

When MCHD arrived they immediately determined they needed the assistance of the River Plantation Fire Department. The victims were almost one-half mile from the closest point an ambulance could get to.

As Chief Randy Oliver with River Plantation Fire Department arrived on the scene he immediately contacted Needham Fire Chief Kevin Hosler for their assistance with the Needham Fire Departments eight-wheel drive rescue vehicle.

They were able to load each victim separately and transport them to the waiting ambulance. The young lady was in stable condition. However her father appeared to have a severe head injury. Both were transported to the hospital.

This was the 37th rescue performed by Needhams eight-wheeler.

The Precinct Two Constables Office and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was investigating the accident.

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