August 8, 2022 3:03 pm

Posted: 28.1.2016 2:43


A criminal investigation is now underway into the public safety commissioners responsible for 911 service to more than 400,000 people who live between spring and Tomball.

At least two commissioners of ESD #11 have already been served subpoenas Wednesday to appear in February before a federal grand jury. The other three commissioners are expected to be served at any time.

The subpoenas ask for records detailing campaign money used or raised by commissioners. Last year, Dolcefino  Consulting raised questions about campaign advertising and political support given to ESD #11 President Lynn Lebouff and Fred Grundemeyer in the 2014 election from a group called “Friends of Cypress Creek EMS”. The organization was not registered as a political action committee so there was no record of where the money actually came from, or even who made up the group.

Two current commissioners have long raised questions about whether “Friends of Cypress Creek EMSs” was actually some kind of a front for tax-  money provided to ESD candidates from Cypress Creek EMSs, the 911 ambulance service with an exclusive contract in ESD #11,

The “Friends of Cypress Creek EMS show up frequently on entertainment reports of Cypress Creek boss Brad England reviewed by Dolcefino consulting.  Those documents do not identify who received the expensive steakhouse meals, and England has refused to identify them. 

ESD commissioner Karen Plummer is among those subpoenaed to bring records and testify to the grand jury. Plummer was a frequent recipient of entertainment by the CCEMS boss.

Plummer, Lebouff and Grundemeyer have refused to force Cypress Creek to turn over financial records detailing who is on the CCEMS payroll, or who benefits from lucrative overtime.nor have they forced CCEMS to turn over millions in medical billing so taxpayers control all the money.  CCEMS has significant entertainment expenses and a growing legal bill fighting the release of financial records.

CCEMS has filed three lawsuits against the Texas Attorney General to keep from turning over financial records detailing the recipients of millions of taxpayer dollars.  The ambulance service has also ignored a criminal subpoena from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

It is unlikely anyone will ignore the subpoenas hand delivered by FBI agents.