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A career as an FBI special agent has it all! From the challenges of fighting crime and terrorism to the rewards of saving lives and serving your community, the special agent position offers satisfying, yet stable employment. After a hiring freeze, the FBI is now canvassing for candidates for the special agent position. The deadline for applications has been extended until May 31, 2015.

Working for the FBI is more than a job. It is an exciting way to serve your country. As an FBI special agent, you will be working to keep America safe whether you are working to conduct sensitive national security investigations, or working to enforce more than 300 federal criminal statutes. The FBI is looking for a range of bright, talented Americans to fill the special agent openings, especially minority candidates.

“It is critical that our personnel resemble all of the diverse communities we serve,” said Special Agent in Charge Perrye K. Turner. “Working for the FBI provides a rewarding, yet stable career, and allows individuals a chance to serve their community and country.”

Agent applicants must:

  • Possess a four-year college degree;
  • Have a minimum of at least three years full-time professional work experience;
  • Be in top physical condition;
  • Be available to relocate to any FBI field office;
  • Be between 23 years of age but not older than 36 years of age; and
  • Pass testing, interviews, polygraph, and a thorough background investigation.

If you are interested in joining the FBI, please visit our FBI Jobs website, www.fbijobs.gov. On the site, you can learn more about required qualifications, find answers to frequently asked questions about careers in the FBI, and apply for a job. Locally, you can speak with us about career opportunities by contacting 713-693-5000 and asking to speak with a Special Agent Recruiter, or send us an e-mail at applicants.houston@ic.fbi.gov.


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