August 8, 2022 1:41 pm

Posted: 6.6.2009 4:04

Fire guts Gullo Toyota Collision Center in Conroe

Conroe Fire Department’s Engine 1 rushed to Gullo Toyota’s Collision Center at 945 Interstate 45 South Friday afternoon after an automatic fire alarm triggered a dispatch.

CFD Assistant Chief Paul Sims said as firefighters arrived, they noted a light haze that could have been smoking, or perhaps, paint or something else related to the business. A closer investigation revealed the haze was smoke and dispatchers were notified to upgrade the call and send several more apparatus and additional manpower.

Sims said firefighters entered and went through the office where they found a small fire in the back section of the collision center portion of the complex. Sprinkler heads were activated and it was later determined that the automatic sprinklers put out most of the fire and a hand line was used to extinguish the rest.

The facility’s main bays took the brunt of the fire, which did not reach the office area. However, there appeared to be water damage in that section of the building.

Sims said it was not immediately clear what was burning initially, or how the fire began, but an investigation is underway.

None of the vehicles in the collision center for repair were damaged, he said.