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Fire Investigators continue to sift through fire debris in an effort to determine the cause of the blaze.

Saturday afternoon, a four-alarm fire heavily damaged several condominiums and required multiple firefighter crews. After witnessing smoke coming from the roof of several units, callers began contacting Lake Conroe and Mongomery County Firefighters. After only a few minutes on scene, the responding units called in for extra assistance. By the time the flames were fought back, 24 units had caught fire.

Fire Investigators with the Mongomery Country Fire Marshal’s Office, along with investigators from the Conroe Fire Department, the ATF, and with additional help from the Lake Conroe Fire Department, returned to the unstable wreckage Tuesday to excavate and examine any potential evidence of the fire’s cause. As of now, the investigation is not complete and no cause has been determined.

Witnesses are still being located and electrical contractors are attempting to restore power to the units that went dark due to the damage. It is expected that many of the affected units will have to be completely torn down and rebuilt.

The flames had little difficulty doing as much damage as possible, as a majority of the county’s condominiums were built decades before a proper fire code was in place. At the time, fire sprinkles were not required, and the open wall spaces typical of the time, often referred to as ¨balloon structures,¨”allowed fire to spread rapidly between rooms and floors.

Although faced with a fire that easily could have destroyed all of the units in the building, firefighters did an outstanding job containing the fire quickly and efficiently. MCFMO Fire Inspectors have since met with building management to ensure that the damaged structures will be rebuilt to modern standards.


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