The home of Mike Davis on Johnson Road in the Dacus Community in Montgomery was struck by lightning last night. He, his wife and children had just gone to bed when he heard it hit and the lights flickered. He went to the garage to find several breakers thrown. His wife then stated some lights were out. As he went out into the weather he saw smoke and a small amount of flame on the upstairs eave of the home and from a light fixture in an upstairs room. He called 911 and got his family and dog out. His neighbor then assisted him at getting additional property out. Montgomery Firefighters arrived and started fighting the attic fire. Winds outside according to the fire marshal were 40 to 50 mph. Once it went through the roof the wind created to what could be related to a wildfire fanned by the winds. Firefighters were pulled out of the structure as flames were lapping at them. A second alarm was pulled however trucks response was longer than normal as driving conditions with the wind blown rain was almost zero. Water was another issue with no fire hydrants. Firefighters even pumped from the pool for additional water. Firefighters also had to contend with constant ground lightning as they battled the blaze. The home is a total loss. Some of his son’s baseball trophies and daughters championship saddles were lost in the blaze.

Just down the street, another tree was struck splitting it into adding a treat for cows today.

Ironically the red home in the video next to the house on Johnson Road in Montgomery was built after the structure on that property burned over 10 years ago from a lightning strike.

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