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Multiple Fire Departments are fighting a mulch fire at the San Jacinto River and SH 242. The pile of unprocessed debris sparked a short time ago. This is normal in summer heat. Firefighters are calling multiple departments at this time mostly for manpower.


8:30p.m. UPDATE

Firefighters are still battling the mulch fire on SH 242. At this time 20 fire trucks are on location either shuttling water or pumping. The fire is contained to the piles only and not the surrounding woods. The pile that is currently burning is processed mulch. According to the owner the pile consists of 22,000 yards of mulch.

The fire appears to have started in the green area of the mulch yard which is somewhat common but not as common as starting in the processed mulch. The business was closed for the day when the fire broke out. The owner feels it could have been a discarded cigarette in the green pile.

When fire fighters arrived flames were shooting off the top of the unprocessed pile.

At this point almost 8000 feet of 5-inch hose is on the ground pumping waster from a sand pit on the south side of SH 242. The u-turn lane under the bridge is closed as tankers are also shuttling water.

As firefighters flow over 1000 gallons a minute of water over the pile, large machinery is taking the pile apart one scoop at a time. The fire is expected to burn throughout the night.

Two firefighters were treated for heat related issues during the afternoon 100 degree temperatures.

Currently Needham Road, River Plantation, Magnolia, South Montgomery County, Spring, Woodlands, Timber Lakes, Cleveland, Caney Creek and New Caney Fire departments are either on the scene or backed into other stations to cover calls.




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