Sunday morning Huntsville Fire Department was responding to a call. As the engine was westbound on FM 2821 they went through the intersection of 247 and were struck in the rear by an SUV. Luciano Rodriguez was southbound on 247 approaching FM 2821 when he said he heard the sirens and horn of a fire truck. He slowed down and then spotted it approaching the intersection. A woman with a child in the backseat was also southbound. A vehicle with a travel trailer was also southbound in the left turn lane at the intersection. Rodriguez said he knew didn’t believe the woman heard the sirens and knew she couldn’t see the truck with the travel trailer to her left. Rodriguez said the fire truck entered the intersection and that is when she struck it near the rear wheels. Rodriguez compared the scene to a movie. After the initial impact, he said the truck seemed to level out and then began rolling at least five or six times. On each roll, more equipment was thrown from it. He and several others got out of their vehicle and ran to the truck. Initially, three firefighters were trapped. Civilians were able to get two out. The third was much worse. He said the firefighters head and hand were trapped under the truck. A DPS Trooper who arrived on the scene took a vehicle Jace and with some help tried to get the jack under the truck. Without a pry bar, there was no way to get it under. Witnesses said the Trooper was covered in blood trying to get to the trapped firefighter. Within minutes another Huntsville truck arrived. Firefighters using rescue tools were able to free the trapped firefighter. He was transported to Conroe Regional Trauma Center in critical condition. The other two firefighters were transported to Huntsville Memorial in stable condition. The female driver and child were transported in stable condition to Huntsville Memorial. Huntsville Police are investigating the crash. Pete Johnson Heavy Duty was able to right the truck and move it to the Huntsville Service Center. Crews worked several hours cleaning the debris up.

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  1. Michael

    I don’t know about other makes/models of dually pickup trucks, but my GMC came from factory with a heavy-duty scissor jack that can fit under a 3 inch gap and lift several tonnes. Just saying, if you need a heavy-duty low-profile scissor jack start flagging down dually pickup trucks someone will have one! I’ve had to lend mine to firefighters before when the front wheel came off a firetruck responding to a wildfire outside of Plum Grove nothing they had would fit under the front axle to jack it back up but my dually’s jack was able to get under it and lift it!

    Sure do hope the firefighter makes a speed recovery! That’s amazing that an SUV could hit a fire truck so hard as to cause it to begin rolling like that Wow!

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