GRANGERLAND- Around 9 p.m. Thursday night, the Grangerland and Bennett Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to a truck fire on Gulf Coast Road at Southern Pines.

The owner of the 2005 Dodge 1-ton dually pickup was driving home from a birthday party when he noticed flames under his hood. The fire was coming from the truck’s recently installed new engine

The fire began to spread.

Grangerland firefighters arrived and had begun fighting the fire when shots rang out from inside the truck, with several narrowly missing firefighters. The driver told firefighters he had bullets inside the truck.

To watch on-scene video, click below:

When the “shooting” stopped, firefighters again attacked the fire. Then another unexpected event occurred, when the hot magnesium of the engine and passenger compartment exploded into far more intense flames which shot 20 feet into the air, engulfing overhead power lines.

The fire was eventually brought under control and the road was closed for nearly an hour as crews cleaned up the huge mess.