Saturday, July 20, 2024


Just before 11:00 am North Montgomery Fire Department responded to a reported house fire at 9582 Darkwood in the Walnut Cove Subdivision. While en-route they were advised the neighbors were not able to get the elderly female occupant out of the home. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department was then also dispatched.

When the fire department arrived they discovered smoke coming from the home and the female occupant still attempting to save her belongings by going back into the burning structure.

Firefighters entered the small home and found a mattress on fire. They were able to quickly extinguish it and move it outside. There was no structural damage but some smoke damage.

The cause of the fire was the resident smoking in bed. She had no active smoke alarms. North Montgomery Firefighters installed a smoke detector before they left the scene. New Waverly Fire Department also assisted on the fire.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams reminds everyone to be sure you have a working smoke detector  In addition with the temperatures dipping into the twenties tonight and the mid-teens Monday night space heaters will be heavily used.

Please keep your heater away from any  flammable objects. Many heaters draw almost 15 amps of electricity. Extension cords are not designed to handle that type of load. Also many older homes breakers are rated at 15 amps, and an attempt to connect multiple space heaters to the same circuit could also result in an electrical fire.

He also reminds people if you smell smoke or see fire call the fire department immediately and evacuate the structure. Property can be replaced, lives can’t.



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