January 31, 2023 9:59 am

Posted: 4.12.2022 6:09


At about midnight a fire was reported at the Warren Mulch plant at I-69 and FM 1314. Porter Fire arrived on the scene to find several piles of mulch burning. Additional trucks were requested and a hose line was put down from a fire hydrant on the I-69 feeder, across the shopping center parking lot to the fire. As of 6 am, firefighters are still pouring thousands of gallons of water on the smoldering fire. The owner of the facility also responded and called all his employees in to assist the firefighters by breaking the piles up with heavy equipment. Mulch fires are quite common. Spontaneous mulch combustion is believed to happen when heat builds up within a thick layer of mulch, say six inches or more. Theoretically, if enough heat builds within that layer, it can start to smolder and cause a fire. Although not extensive, there is some research supporting that mulch can spontaneously combust in certain atmospheric conditions. The Warren facility takes extra precautions to prevent this from happening by flowing sprinklers on the piles constantly. Even with that fire can still occur. Firefighters expect to be on the scene for several more hours. Entry to the shopping center with Tractor Supply etc is limited due to the hose on the ground. Entry should be made from FM 1314. It is illegal to drive over a fire hose.