For years the intersection at Old Houston and FM 1314 has had a flashing caution light in the intersection. Within the past few weeks all that has changed. TXDOT has removed the caution light and installed traffic lights. Those lights are not yet operational. Saturday night a young lady was northbound on Old Houston and stopped at the intersection. She then proceeded through the intersection where she was struck by an SUV. There were no injuries but both vehicles are totaled.
Texas Law States: When the signal is completely off or not working at all, this is called a traffic signal blackout. In the event of a traffic signal blackout, you treat the intersection as a four-way stop. When there is a four-way stop, all drivers are required to bring their vehicle to a complete stop before the intersection. Failure of any driver to do so is likely to result in a broadside collision. If there is a crosswalk, you should stop before the crosswalk. Otherwise, you should stop at any clearly marked line designating the stopping line for the intersection. In the absence of both, you should stop as close as practice without entering or blocking any part of the intersection where you can see oncoming traffic. See Texas Transportation Code 544.010.

However, these lights had not been activated as of yet. The contractor should have had a cloth covering the lights to indicate they are non-operational as of yet. This was not the case at FM 1314 and Old Houston where most motorists were going through the intersection but some were stopping seeing the non-operational lights.

Also since this intersection had been controlled for so many years by a flashing light it was not noticed that the stop sign was almost completely covered by a tree.

DPS issued no citations in this crash.

TXDOT was notified of the situation.

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