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Last Saturday as DPS Trooper Justin Duck had just finished a traffic stop on US 290 near Kickapoo Road near Waller he was rear-ended. Kimberly Woods Shipper, age 35, a nurse at Huntsville Memorial Hospital had a blood alcohol level of .11. She told Troopers she was on her way home from the Houston Livestock Show. The impact was so great that the rear bumper was in the front seat of the patrol car. Duck was Life Flighted to Hermann Hospital for a head injury. Shipper had minor injuries.

Last night just after 10:30 p.m, as Trooper Rainwater and his partner had just finished a traffic stop on SH 249 near Beltway 8 a green Pontiac Grand-Am almost slammed into them. The Grand Am was driving with no headlights.

Trooper Rainwater attempted to stop the vehicle but it sped up. Running at times at speeds close to 100 mph the vehicle continued down SH 249/ West Mount Houston to Interstate 45. There they entered the freeway and drove north still at speeds close to 100 mph and no headlights.

As they crossed the Montgomery County line Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department assisted along with additional DPS Troopers. At several locations spikes were set but missed the vehicle.

As the vehicle entered the Conroe city limits Conroe Police attempted to set spikes but the vehicle missed them until one Conroe Officer got lucky and was able to spike him.

The vehicle continued to the FM 3083 exit and on exiting and with heavy traffic conditions he drove into the construction area. He continued through the construction until he came to an embankment under the FM 3083 overpass.

He stopped there and the driver Isael Vazquez of Houston was taken into custody. His passenger was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the Montgomery County Jail.

As Troopers inventoried the vehicle the driver started asking for medication in the vehicle and EMS was called. It was determined to transport him to Conroe Regional Hospital.

As medics were southbound on Interstate 45 Vazquez started fighting the restraints and attempted to get out. The ambulance pulled to the side and Conroe Police took custody of him and transported him to Conroe Regional followed by the medic.

DPS is was waiting on Harris County to determine charges on the driver.

As they inventoried the vehicle a certificate was found showing he had just taken a flying lesson a week before at Hobby Airport.

One Trooper injured his ankle as he exited his patrol car and ran down the embankment on the feeder.


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