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Four Person Attack to Collect $$$, and other family fun that ended in jail

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On January 25, Deputy Beauchamp, along with Deputy Lobue and Deputy Voris, responded to an assault call in the 21000 block of Pintex Street in New Caney. It was discovered 18-year-old Walter Alexander Ventura, 39-year-old Marisela Orquidea Ramirez, 46-year-old Hernan Garza Hernandez and a fourth unknown male arrived at the scene and confronted the complainant about money a 46 year old male was believed to have owed. The four proceeded to assault the male and then fled when someone called 911. The male complainant was taken to a local hospital where he had to undergo emergency surgery. A lead on the suspect’s whereabouts led officers to the 19100 block of McKenzie Circle where three of the four suspects were detained. The fourth had fled the location. The 18, 39 and 46 year old suspects were arrested, charged with aggravated assault and transported to jail.



On January 28, Deputy Smith was dispatched to the 24300 block of Green Forest, for an assault call. Upon arrival, it was discovered 17-year-old Sara Deaton had started an argument with her parents. During that argument, the female punched her father in the face and then pushed her mother down causing her to fall into a vehicle and strike her head causing injury. Deaton was arrested and placed in jail without incident.

Elsewhere in MCSO District 3 – Lt. Joe Senn (East County)

On January 30, Deputy Hall was patrolling the area of FM 1485 when he observed a vehicle in front of him with an equipment violation. While following that vehicle, Deputy Hall notice the vehicle to be swerving and not maintaining its lane on the roadway. The vehicle was stopped and a 35 year old male was found driving the car. An investigation was begun and it was learned the male had been drinking alcohol prior to driving. The male was arrested and taken to jail.

On January 30, Deputy Martinez was dispatched to a suspicious person at the Porter Walmart parking lot. Upon arrival, it was reported a 35 year old male was around a vehicle and appeared to attempt to steal it. During the investigation, the male was acting nervous and was detained. It was later found the male had methamphetamine in his possession. The male was taken to jail for possession of a controlled substance.

On January 30, Deputy Jordan was dispatched to the 19200 block of Oak Knoll, for an assault call. Upon arrival, it was found a 50 year old male and his girlfriend was arguing over a cell phone. It was learned during the argument that the male pushed the female down and hit her causing injury. The male was arrested for assault and transported to jail without incident.

Two other people were arrested for outstanding warrants.

On January 27, deputy Bird was dispatched to the Dollar General store in the 16900 block of FM 1314, for a trespasser call. Upon arrival, the manager advised a 44 year old male arrived at the store after being issued a criminal trespass warning. The male was located, arrested for criminal trespass and transported to jail without incident.


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