Just after 4pm a 911 call came in from a boater on Lake Conroe who stated his boat had taken on water and was sinking. The location was close to FM 1097 and Blueberry Hill near Bent Water.

North Montgomery County Fire Department, Montgomery Fire Department, Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol, MCHD and Bobby Apple with the Texas Parks and Wildlife responded.

Precinct 1 Lake Patrol was first on the scene and retrieved two males and two females, all in their late twenties, from the water. All were in life vests. They were put on the patrol boat and after and transported to the Bent Water County Club where they were met by fire and EMS crews. Once there they were evaluated and warmed to prevent hypothermia.

According to Lt. Cade with the Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol the group left the Palms Marina and traveled to Papas on the Lake.

It was on their return trip to the Palms when their Malibu had a swell come over the side. The bilge pump was activated but after several more swells  it was unable to keep up.

All four were forced into the lake as the boat sank.

The boat was later recovered by Towboats USA.

None of the victims required transport to the hospital.

A field sobriety test was given to the operator of the boat which indicated he was not intoxicated.

The 911 caller had a waterproof cellphone which is credited with the rapid response and rescue.