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Fradulent Prescriptions

On Tuesday, January 25, 2011 around 12:15 p.m. Cleveland Police Department officer’s were dispatched to “Tri-Star Pharmacy” located at 112 S. College Avenue where several individuals were inside the pharmacy attempting to obtain medication with fraudulent prescriptions. The prescriptions had all been forged.

Upon officer’s arrival at the pharmacy they entered the front lobby where they met with six individuals whom the Pharmacist said had passed the “illegal scripts”. The

prescriptions were shown to be made out for controlled substances, but due to the lack of dosage instructions the Pharmacist became suspicious. The Pharmacist contacted the clinic who’s name was on the heading of the prescriptions, and they denied any knowledge of the prescriptions presented to “Tri-Star”. Officer’s were told, “none of the names written on the scripts were patients of the clinic”. Officer’s detained the six males and escorted them outside to the parking lot, and conducted further interviews. Several of the males were very cooperative and admitted to “not being patients of the clinic”. Officer’s later learned there may, also be another subject involved in this scam who had fled the scene. Investigator’s are following up on that information. Officer’s arrested all six individuals, and transported them to the Cleveland Police Department’s jail where they were all charged with “Obtaining a Prescription by Fraud”- Felony.

Several Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies assisted Cleveland Police Department officer’s with the arrest. Cleveland Police Department’s Police Chief Mark Bradshaw, “praised the collaborate efforts of the two agencies working together to rid our streets of illegal drugs”.

Arrested were: 1) Samuel Jonathan Williams, black male, age 58, Houston, Tx.

2) Oliver Young, Jr., black male, age 28, Houston, Tx.

3) Lucas Loranzo Childs, black male, age 27, Houston, Tx.

4) Jack Simmons, black male, age 49, Houston, Tx.

5) Anthony Ray Gipson, black male, age 29, Houston, Tx.

6) David Edward Powell, black male, age 39, Houston, Tx.

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