Today, (Tuesday, May 4, 2021) Pct. 4 crews are scheduled to work in the following locations:

Olympic Forest, off of the Hwy 59 southbound feeder in Porter
-A Pct. 4 Road Crew is continuing drainage improvement

Tram Rd. at Short St. in the Splendora area
-A Pct. 4 Road Crew is continuing drainage improvement

Old Hwy 105 E. in the Security area
-A Pct. 4 Road Crew is continuing drainage and shoulder improvement

Iris Ln. in Summer Hills subdivision off of Sorters Rd. in Porter
-A Pct. 4 Road Crew is continuing drainage improvement

A Pct. 4 Road Crew is continuing to reclaim White Rock Rd. off of Crockett Martin Rd. and prepare it for repaving.

A Pct. 4 Road Crew is scheduled to install culverts at the following locations:
-17130 Paluxy Ct.
-25547 Cambridge Blvd.
-25110 Twin Oaks Dr.
-11799 Lena Ln.

The Pct. 4 Sign Department is out repairing and replacing signs that have disappeared or been damaged, and placing new signs where needed.

Our Pct. 4 Boom Mower will be in various locations around Pct. 4 today, trimming back limbs and brush for improved access, visibility, and safety.

Our Pct. 4 Mowing Crew has now begun springtime mowing alongside county maintained roads. (Note: FM, or “farm to market” roads, state highways, and freeways are maintained by the state. Any requests or complaints regarding those thoroughfares should be made to the Texas Department of Transportation, a.k.a. TxDOT. Requests or complaints regarding streets or roads that lie within the boundaries of incorporated cities should be made to city officials, even if the county maintains them through an interlocal agreement).

Our Pct. 4 Mosquito Abatement trucks are also out spraying again. They spray at night when more mosquitoes and fewer people are outside. Residents can assist us in controlling the mosquito problem by not leaving anything on their property that will hold rain water and create a breeding ground for the insects. This includes, but is not limited to, tires, buckets, and birdbaths.

Our Pct. 4 Parks Department is always hard at work maintaining our beautiful parks and facilities. They’re currently working with contractors to put the finishing touches on the brand new softball field at the Ipes Road Sports Complex in Splendora.

Please slow down when approaching work crews, use an alternate route when possible to avoid delays, and please secure your dogs in areas where we’re working.

Have a terrific Tuesday!