WASHINGTON, DC — Often preyed upon by false advertisers, Texas’ elderly will soon see another deceptive brochure headed their way courtesy of the federal government.

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady is warning Texas seniors that a new Medicare brochure, heading to mail boxes this week, hides the new Obama health care plan’s nearly $500 billion in Medicare cuts. “The truth of the matter is this brochure is dangerously misleading,” said Brady. “Many Texas seniors will be forced off their Medicare Advantage plans. They will also pay more for prescription drugs and have less access to local doctors and critical care that they receive from community hospitals, nursing homes, home health care and local hospice.”

“If the federal government was covered by the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, then some staff at the Department of Health and Human Services might need a lawyer soon,” Brady added.

The brochure cites ‘improvements’ to Medicare Advantage plans and long term health care. However, according to the Congressional Budget Office, millions of seniors will be forced out of their Medicare Advantage plans under the new law, Medicare drug prices will increase as costs are shifted onto the 90 percent of seniors who don’t fall into the so called “donut hole” and the new long-term care program – the CLASS Act – is so flawed it may never even get off the ground. “It’s bad enough taxpayers have to foot the cost of this very slanted promotional piece, but our seniors who will be hurt by the new Obama plan deserve the truth, not more deception,” said Brady.