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grand texas theme park work underway

Wednesday the group heading up Grand Texas Theme Park which is being build at SH 242 and I-69 in New Caney, met with the members of the East Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

The team described the park and what people could expect. in the near future.

The 630 acre facility with feature Big Rivers Water Park a 40 acre site which will include a river ride which flows through the already natural forest at the location.  Waterslides that wrap around large oak trees. Several roller coasters including one said to be one of the 10 largest wooden roller coasters in the United States.

The park is expected to draw from a population of 30 million. The numbers they say for visitors compares with several other venues in the Houston area. The 17 day Renfest brings in over 600,000 visitors. Houston Zoo sees 1.6 million visitors annually, Houston Livestock Show had 2.8 million visitors for 21 days. Another comparison is the Kemah Boardwalk which gets over 4 million visitors annually.

The Theme Park is said to be built around Texas history.

Also there will be a 6000 seat professional baseball stadium

A wakeboard lake where a cable system will tow a person instead of a boat.

On the south side of SH 242 are 2 hotel sites and a large RV park. along with 450,000 square feet of retail space and convenience stores.

The group hopes to attract over 4.5 million visitors to the site within 5 years of opening. Not just tax base to the area but almost 1200 seasonal jobs and close to 1600 construction jobs. They include seniors and teens in the seasonal jobs. Being a western theme park they will need Old Time Story tellers as an example.

The staff that was picked comes from a long running experience

The theme park itself will be 150 acres. In the beginning 71 acres will be developed.. That compares to  Astroworld’s 59 acres and the 135 acres of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The difference being, Grand Texas acreage does not include parking acreage as the other theme parks do.

It will be divided into 17 sections for different themes and also include equestrian trails. Zip Lines and rope courses  will also be part of the park.

It will also include a amphitheater similar to the Cedar Park, Texas Center Park. Hosting concerts and hockey games.

Timelines were spelled out for the Chamber today:

Big River Waterpark 4/15

Hospitality Village      4/15

Destination Fields      5/15

Theme Park         Summer 2015

Event Center October 2015

Baseball Stadium 2016 Season

Some of the executives include Chief Operating Officer Chuck Hendricks  the former 13 year president of Astroworld. Bob Logan the California director of Magic Mountain. Bob Runyon, designer of The Woodlands Market Street is the Chief Architect of the project.  Bruce Robinson is the Theme Director. He was responsible for the design of the Angry Birds Theme Park. and Dollywood.

Soil tests are now under way and heavy equipment should start arriving in early January.

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  1. I’ve always thought the pursuit, collar and capture, frisk & stuff, ride to jail, book & photo, and ending with the toss into slammer infinitely more exhilarating than anything an amusement park has to offer as evidenced by the number of times you read about same criminals in different situations right here.

  2. I agree bbarr.

    The concept art that I’ve seen had a mascot that looked like the horse on the opening credits for Hee-Haw.

    I adore Texas history as much or more as the next guy, but an Old West park with storytellers and gunfights had better not be the main attraction or this thing is already done. That was barely tolerable at Six Flags 40 years ago.

    They’re going to need to bring out some real “big guns” like high tech rides and roller coasters. Like it or not, basic expectations are higher these days with kids than it was in 1975.

  3. We’ve been down this road before….a couple times.

    Don’t get me wrong, it would really cool, and my kids would love it.

    But…the proof is in the pudding.

  4. Well, what gives me hope is several things.

    They’re already widening 242.

    They’re making a raised off ramp that goes straight onto 242 from 45 right now like the one from 45 to woodlands parkway.
    Texas, specifically the major cities, produced more jobs last year than all the rest of the country combined. If you’re looking for a job, this is the area to be in, doing so.

    With new technology oil companies are opening up old wells and getting significant amounts out of them again bringing in more money into Texas economy that way too.

    Large companies are abandoning looser states who have jacked up taxes so high as to run them out (SpaceX is moving to midland area from California for one, and I’ve heard rumors Apple may be moving to Austin area.)

    The money is here, the people and companies are moving here from all over the US. There’s a huge pool of people looking for work. This is just about the perfect storm to have this come together.

    That being said, January when they say they’ll be dropping equipment and supplies will be the point I actually buy this has a fighting chance to actually happen.

  5. It is pretty difficult to convince residents of this area that something with a scope as large as this will every launch. We have been “flim flammed” twice in recent years. Talk is cheap, we want action, and please don’t ask US for any “donations”.

  6. Several thoughts:
    1) I’ll believe it when I see it completed AND open.
    2) The artist renderings I have seen in the past looked pretty
    hokey. If the plan is to throw up a “pole barn” facility then it is doomed.
    3) I’ll believe it when I see it completed AND open.

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