Saturday, December 9, 2023


“On Thursday, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office convened a meeting of the HCSO Administrative Disciplinary Committee. The committee was presented with the Internal Affairs Bureau findings from the inquiry into the actions of Homicide Investigator Sgt. Craig Clopton. The Disciplinary Committee later made a recommendation to terminate Sgt. Clopton.
“I immediately ordered Sgt. Clopton to appear before his chain of command to be notified of his termination.
“Harris County procedures afford Sgt. Clopton the right to appeal this decision directly to the Office of the Sheriff and to the Harris County Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission.
“As I have previously stated, Sgt. Clopton’s actions were unethical and inexcusable. I remain committed to the first tenet of the Sheriff’s Office Core Values: to merit and maintain the public’s trust.”

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  1. So Goforth and this Clopton, were both involved with the same gal? I’m going out on a weak limb that this gal (doorknob) was known to more than these two.

    • Kirk Douglas starred in the movie The Professionals. Bandito Raza had a plaything Kirk was familiar with:

      – Chiquita. How’s your love life?
      – – Terrific. You want some?
      – Don’t you ever say no?
      – – Never.
      – Anybody?
      – – EVERYBODY!

      I haven’t seen her name mentioned in print anywhere but my bet it’s Chiquita.

  2. Tampering with a witness? He was doing close order naked drilling with the KEY witness in a police officers murder that he was assigned to investigate!

    It disgusts me to hear people refer to law enforcement as pigs but Clopton is a world class “Arnold of Green Acres” (and let me spell it out for you here) Pea Eye Double Gee “PIGG” who’s obviously not as smart nor as well bred as Arnold. I spit in his general direction and so should you.

  3. It has to do with officer Goforth. Him being killed and the other officer doing the investigation of it ..and both somehow being connected to the witness. …. just a big mess. ……

  4. I must be missing something! For some reason I can’t find any article that explains what this Clopton fellow did. If anyone can inform me on what he did i sure would be thankful.

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