February 4, 2023 3:31 am

Posted: 28.9.2021 22:08


An upper-level disturbance will be passing through the area overnight and Wednesday morning. Look for 
a complex of showers and thunderstorms to move across the area in the 11 pm-8 am timeframe. 
Main impacts: 
  • 0.5-1.5″ rain on average, but the potential for some very localized 2-4″ amounts in a short time period which could cause localized street flooding.
  • 20-45 mph wind gusts.
  • Unsettled marine conditions. Winds and seas are higher in and near precipitation. Possible wind shift toward morning as the storms pass through. 
See graphics below for details.
Urban Flash Flood Messaging
Heavy rainfall is forecast for portions of Southeast Texas, including highly urbanized areas like the Houston metropolitan area. Based on forecast conditions, NWS Houston will be utilizing the following urban flash flood messaging for this event:
Street Flooding
– Drive with caution. Cars may flood in low-lying areas. Ponding on roadways may increase risk of hydroplaning.
– Pay attention to the weather. Monitor the NWS, your local media, HCFCD and other official weather information sources.
– Rain may move repeatedly across the same area, causing a rapid rise on creeks and bayous. However, creeks and bayous are not likely to exceed their banks.