Home invasion in SMC

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is continuing their investigation of a deadly home invasion in South Montgomery County in the early hours of Monday.

It was just after 2 a.m. when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office dispatched officers to a home on Ginger Trace in the Legends Ranch subdivision of Spring where they found 34-year-old Lisa Lynette Whitt-Ulloa dead. Her 26-year-old husband and 18-year-old daughter were injured and waiting at a neighbor’s home.

MCSO Lt. Dan Norris said two masked men entered the residence through an unlocked door, caught the family by surprise and attacked them. The women and the man were bound and beaten with what were believed to be baseball bats. Ulloa’s 9-year-old son was spending the night elsewhere.

The teenage girl, who lives in Georgia and was visiting her mother for Christmas, was able to break free and run to a neighbor’s house for help.

Norris said early Monday that robbery was believed to be the motive for the attack, but it was not determined whether anything was taken from the home. It was determined, however, the entire attack took place in the downstairs portion of the home.

What appeared to be a trail of blood marked the pavement on the street near the home, but Norris said it was “very unlikely involved with the home invasion incident.”

Turns out, the blood might not have been related to the home invasion, but there was a connection to the homeowner.

Julie Simmons, a neighbor across the street from the crime scene, said she called 911 around 5:30 a.m. on Friday morning, after hearing a woman yelling “Get out, get out,” followed by gunshots.

Another neighbor had been screaming at a Pit Bull terrier that she believed was about to attack her young daughter. Ulloa’s husband went to the child’s aid, shooting and killing the dog which belonged at a residence around the corner.

Simmons remained inside after dialing 911 and never saw anything on Friday, but on Monday, she wondered immediately if the incidents were related.

“It’s kind of scary when you’re from a little small town and you hear something like this going on and it’s right next door to you,” Simmons said. “It’s a little overwhelming.”

Ulloa and her husband were married around 7 months ago and only recently moved into the home, Norris said.

Simmons and other neighbors said the family was quiet.