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Three suspects are now charged with murder in a home invasion that occurred Friday off of Atascocita Road. The homeowner shot and killed one of four suspects, but the three surviving suspects have been charged because of their involvement in the illegal act that led to the fatal shooting.

(Scroll down for on-scene pics and video)


Original post:

Just after midnight Friday four males forced their way into a home in the 8900 block of Kemble off Atascocita Road. One of the males was shot by what appears to be the home owner. They then fled the scene. Moments later Houston Police spotted a vehicle that was unable to maintain his lane of traffic. The officer attempted to pull the vehicle over but the driver fled. Houston Police notified Humble Police and Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The chase continued into the Humble city limits. The driver finally pulled into a parking lot in the 8000 block of Rankin Road. One suspect, wearing a security guard shirt and shorts was taken into custody. As the officer frisked him , he told the officer his friend was dead in the back seat. When the office \checked , he was.

The two other suspects were able to slip through the perimeter set up by law enforcement. Officers were just about to call the search off when a group of people arrived on the scene telling officers they were to pick up a family member in the woods next a motor sports store on US 59 in Humble. Officers responded to that scene and within minutes Harris County K-9 “Jack” had the suspect in custody by the leg. The second suspect seeing “Jack” work, decided he should give up an did.

Harris County Homicide and Crime Scene units spent till dawn sifting through evidence on the scene.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constables sifted through evidence at the original home invasion scene taken several items with them.

The home owner was also transported for questioning.


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