November 26, 2022 6:21 am

Posted: 4.9.2017 11:57

Hospice Nurse Lost Everything in Flood – needs a few things to continue her work

This one is personal to me, because it involves a hospice nurse who is my friend, who spent many hours over weeks helping settle my nerves and make me feel less alone when I sat with my Maw at night as she slipped away from us in August of last year. Her mother is also a dear friend of mine, and as most of you know, Scott was working every night at that time, and in the breaking news business, you can’t be on the phone or texting constantly. Without these ladies of whom I speak, I don’t know how I’d have survived those long nights. I’m not the only person this nurse (whose name I’m leaving out for her privacy) has helped. Many of the people she’s helped would tell you the same, but they’re no longer here to do so.

Just like death, Harvey was no respecter of persons. Harvey took everything except her life and family from this nurse, who has held the hand of so many as they crossed over from this world into the next.  I just found out this morning, another of my close friends, Heather, has been trying to collect the items this angel of mercy needs, not to live a comfortable home life, but simply to continue her job. She is still in need of a thermometer, an oxygen meter, and a nursing bag.

If you can help with this items or any other way, please call Heather at 936-672-5689.

You can trust Heather, she’s one of my closest friends, so don’t think this is some kind of scam.  She’s not a nurse, but she spends much of her time helping people, and it’s not for the recognition or gratitude because she receives and expects neither.

Thanks in advance,