Just before 10:00 p.m. Conroe Fire Department responded to a possible house fire near East Davis and 10th. It was reported behind the Pawn Shop. When crews arrived they found an abandon house approximately one block south of East Davis on 10th Street heavily involved in fire. In addition they found the home next door with fire in the rear and the grass in the yard quickly advancing on a third house. Which was quickly extinguished.

Two of the homes were abandon, one owned by Jerry O’Neal who said people had been in and out of them at times watched as firefighters forced entry into the front door in an attempt to cut off the fire in the rear of his home. While they were working at that other firefighters were battling the stubborn fire next door. That fire which appeared to have started in the rear worked it’s way into the attic area. Firefighters discovered the attic to be partitioned which made it more difficult to access the fire.

When they attempted to open the roof to ventilate it they found a roof laid over a roof making it more difficult as flames shot out the roof. The home appeared to be of slab construction but was soon also discovered to have a crawl space below it.

Close to 11 p.m. the fire was brought under control. Conroe Fire Marshal’s were investigating the cause of the fire. Power was going to the homes but had been disconnected at the meters. Copper wire from the circuit boxes had been cut away over time.

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