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At 12 noon today the San Jacinto River Authority opened the spillway gates for the first time since March 2010. The reason, the City of Houston who already owns two-thirds of the water in Lake Conroe requested 50 million gallons a day starting today and gradually increasing that figure to 150 million gallons a day. This is about one half inch of water a day. Add that to the already one half inch a day loss to water that is absorbed into the atmosphere. The lake levels could drop 5 to 6 inches per week.

When Lake Conroe was built it was a joint venture between the city of Houston and the San Jacinto River Authority. The water being released was already bought and paid for when the lake was built.

Due to some state laws that still exist the City of Houston would be allowed to use 67,000 acre feet per year which is equal to about 3 to 3.5 feet. The reason the state regulates this is due to the drought in the 1950’s  After seven years of drought which was considered the “drought of record” for Texas.  By regulating this it assures there is enough water to last through another seven years.


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