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Houston Oilers Coach Bum Phillips was one of the winningest coaches in history. He coached the Houston Oilers from 1976 to 1981 and twice in consecutive years brought the Oilers to the playoffs only to lose both time to the Steelers. But the fans still loved him. After the last run at the championship the bus left the airport and arrived in the Houston Astrodome. The stands were full of cheering fans there to welcome the team home.

Phillips had talked with his family who also live on the ranch near Goliad, Texas close to 8 p.m. on Friday. His son in-law said they then left so Phillips wife Debbie could spend some time with him. He passed away just after 8:30 p,m.

News around the nation broke with the story just after 10 pm.

Saturday, former tight end and dear friend of Phillips talked about the life of Phillips and some of the memories.  Barber said, “nothing is really lost if you really know where it is and Bum got his heart right a number of years ago with the Lord and truly lived a very strong Christian life the last 12 or 13 years so he won his best most important game, the game of life”.

Barber, who had been at Phillips bedside for the past three weeks said he and the players owe him. He was our best friend.

Barber remembers his rookie year when he really screwed up, he said, “Bum was up in the tower where he always was, he saw him climbing down and heading my way, I dug my cleats cause I knew I was getting a butt chewing. All he did is walked up to  me, using his thumb and index finger he picked at my jersey, and told me he wasn’t much of a coach if he couldn’t get all that athletic ability out of me. He then turned around and walked away.”

Barber, who also founded Barber Prison Ministries said he and Bum visited many prisoners over the years, and made so many new friends that it could fill Reliant Stadium.

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