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In early June of 2014, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputies arrested two adult males on charges of possession of a stolen firearm.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Property Crime Detectives were referred the case and further investigation uncovered a burglary ring that included approximately 400 car burglaries in Montgomery County. The burglary ring was discovered to include six co-defendants- three adults and three juveniles- who targeted various Montgomery County neighborhoods spanning from Bentwater to various Villages in The Woodlands. Thousands of dollars in stolen property and five firearms have been recovered as a result of this investigation. Engaging in Organized Crime, a 3rd degree felony charge, has been accepted against all six defendants by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and Juvenile Probation.

In addition to this burglary ring, during the course of the investigation, Detectives identified two more defendants, unrelated to the original ring, who are responsible for multiple car burglaries where several firearms were stolen in Bentwater. Two firearms were seized in a buy/bust operation that was coordinated by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, which led to the arrest of an adult and juvenile male. The investigation led to a third firearm being recovered in an isolated area in the Bentwater subdivision, where a defendant had buried it. The additional cases have been filed with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office as well.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office would like to encourage Montgomery County residents to lock their vehicles and remove valuables when parking them overnight. The defendants from both burglary rings refer to this crime as “car hopping”, and only targeted unlocked vehicles.

The majority of these car burglaries occurred in the month of May of this year. If your car was burglarized around this time, and you believe some of the property from the burglary could have been recovered during the investigation, please contact the lead Detective in these cases, Detective S. Davis, at (936)-760-5876 for additional information.



Christopher Jacob Love, (date of birth 09/15/1994), of 178 Promenade in Montgomery.

Charged with felony theft of property, theft of a firearm, and engaging in organized crime.

He was also arrested on May 25, 2012 for possession of marijuana which was dismissed by Judge Turner and on September 17, 2013 for possession of controlled substance which was dismissed by the 435th District Court after a motion to dismiss was filed that the case could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  He was again arrested on January 14, 2014 for possession of marijuana, for which he paid an $800 fine.



Curtis William Petty, (date of birth 11/11/1995), of 142 South Park Drive in Montgomery. He to has had multiple arrests in Montgomery County. On February 18, 2014 he was arrested for public intoxication. He was then arrested on May 13, 2013 for possession of marijuana and again on June 10, 2014 on the current charges of felony theft and theft of a firearm.



Hunter Vance Harding, (date of birth 07/21/1995), of 59 Monterrey Court in Montgomery. He is charged with theft of a firearm. He was also arrested in November of 2012 for criminal trespass.



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