Friday, May 24, 2024


The arson fire that struck the Uptown Clinic at 7231 FM 1960 in Humble has raised a few more eyebrows. According to Harris County Fire Marshal Dustin Deutsch the arson was a result of another party attempting to cut the competition.
Dr. Christina Clardy who owned that clinic and another clinic in northwest Harris County and lives in a multi-million dollar home in West University has been charged with engaging in organized crime. Also charged was her assistant Wilfredo Hughes with practicing without a license and has not been apprehended. In addition two others have been charged with engaging in organized crime were Tawny Hughes an assistant who is now in jail and Brandon Harris who has not been apprehended as of yet either.
When firefighters arrived on the scene of the fire several things stood out as odd. First there was very little office furniture, no medical equipment. They found $37000 packed in envelopes and thousands of prescription pads that had been pre-signed by the doctor.
Officials say Clardy who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years has been ranked as ninth in the state in the number of pain pills prescribed.
In 2009 she dispensed more than 2.5 million vicodin, Soma and Xanax.
According to the Harris County Fire Marshall almost 98% of all patients records found showed lower lumber as the diagnosis. He said that in just a week after the clinic opened people were coming from all over the country.
In Montgomery County many prescription bottles seen have come form Doctor Clardy.

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