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i-45 wrong way driver again

A few minutes before 3 a.m. Sunday morning Shenandoah Officers once again heard the sickening call go out that they have had twice before over the past year. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher broadcast an attempt to locate on a silver PT Cruiser  traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of Interstate 45.

Immediately Oak Ridge, Montgomery County and Shenandoah began looking for the vehicle.

Within minutes a Shenandoah officer who was in the northbound lanes located the vehicle going north in the southbound lanes near the Research Forest overpass.

using emergency lights and his spot light the Shenandoah officer attempted to parallel the vehicle and get it to stop. He watched as it continued north almost hitting southbound vehicles head-on. The Shenandoah Officer coordinated with other responding units in attempt to get the freeway shut down, to avoid a head on collision.

As the vehicle crossed SH 242 it began to slow. The driver then made a u-turn on the freeway and began heading south. A wrecker driver witnessed this and followed the vehicle as it exited Research Forest. As the vehicle was about to re-enter the freeway at Research going southbound, that wrecker pulled in front of it and blocked it.

A Conroe ISD police officer was behind the vehicle and detained the driver who was the sole occupant.

The Shenandoah officer then arrested the Conroe man and transported him to the Montgomery County Jail on a charge of DWI.

On July 1, 2012 three were killed by a wrong way driver near Research Forest. At that time when the call went out Shenandoah units who were on the feeder immediately jumped the median and got up on the freeway in an attempt to shut down the south bound lanes. It was too late as just south of them the crash took place.

Just days before on June 29, 2012 Nicole Nadra Baukus, 23 of Spring entered the southbound lanes of Interstate 45 going northbound and hit another southbound vehicle near SH 242. That crash killed two.

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