I-60 just north of Fostoria Road has reopened to traffic after being shut down almost 2-hours. A 2000 Peterbilt 18-wheeler hauling hazardous waste had just passed Fostoria and gotten into the area where there is no feeder and the road is under construction with only 2-lanes of traffic. It was then fire erupted out of the engine compartment of the truck which had just undergone an engine rebuild. Cleveland Firefighters requested Plum Grove and EMC Fire to assist. Trying to make the call was very difficult. The emergency vehicles first encountered vehicles exiting the freeway on the northbound entrance ramp for Fostoria. Then traveling south in the northbound lanes. Once they were able to clear that they encountered motorists blocking the shoulder of the road. They were finally able to arrive on the scene. Once the blaze was extinguished J+J Wrecker had to get the brakes to release since the airlines had been compromised and driveshaft had to be removed.  None of the cargo was compromised.

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  1. Michael

    Wow! There’s not that much flammable material in the engine compartment of a Peterbilt 379 model truck (the hood is aluminum, not fiberglass like some other models, and other than a few water heater lines there’s really not much in there that will burn). Only thing I can figure is a diesel fuel leak was fueling the fire (that’s the side of the engine where fuel pump is located and usually a fuel filter or 2), and that required the engine to be running to keep pumping fuel from the tanks…. ergo, the driver didn’t shut the engine down immediately after he stopped! Ouch! 🙁

    Anyways, sure hate to see a Peterbilt 379 destroyed like that… they happen to be some of the best looking heavy trucks ever made IMHO! I had 2 of them for a long time, took great pride in maintaining them and still miss them (though not the idiot drivers who frequently tore them up doing stupid stuff… Grrrrrr!).

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