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Important News for Those with Warrants

From Community Reports

Pct. 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden, Pct. 4 Judge James Metts and District Attorney Brett Ligon are making area fugitives an offer they can’t refuse.

A two-step plan has already begun, aimed at clearing thousands of active warrants beginning with the DA’s annual countywide warrant amnesty program, which is now in place. According to the terms of the program, most cases can be resolved for $199, including the original charge and expensive additional charges that have stacked up such as Violate Promise to Appear, and Fail to Appear. The amnesty program runs now through August 18, and Mr. Ligon strongly urges those with warrants in Precinct 4 to take advantage of the generous offer.

“You have the opportunity to come in and resolve your case, and save a significant amount of money,” Ligon said. “On the other hand, if you won’t come in willingly, Constable Hayden will be there to bring you in.”

The second part of the plan is the annual warrant roundup period. This year, constables’ offices are working together to provide more manpower for the warrant roundups. Like Mr. Ligon, Constable Hayden strongly suggests voluntary participation.

“Unlike the amnesty program, the times and dates of the warrant roundups won’t be announced,” Constable Hayden said. “The message is simple – you come to us and take care of your business, or we’ll be coming to see you and it won’t be at your convenience.”

Judge Metts is again providing clerks to assist in the roundups, which were very successful last year. He said it was “unfortunate” the roundups were necessary at all.

“These roundups are a last resort,” Judge Metts said. “We try to work with people from the beginning, even offering payment plans, but there will always be those who don’t feel the laws apply to them.”

“I believe the amnesty program is more than generous, as it’s a second chance to do what’s right without being penalized,” he said. “Therefore, I’m comfortable that those arrested in these warrant roundups had ample opportunity to resolve their issues and they alone are responsible for their predicament.”

To take advantage of the current amnesty program, go to:

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

22354 Justice Drive, New Caney, Texas 77357

Phone: 281-577-8970 or 936-521-8970

Fax: 936-521-8947 or 281-577-8947

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday

7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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