At approximately 8:pm Thursday evening, a male inmate at the Liberty County Jail facility was found unresponsive on the floor of his cell by Correctional Officers on a routine bed check. An ambulance was immediately called and the inmate was rushed to the Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital in the City of Liberty.

Despite the best life-saving efforts of the hospital staff the inmate was pronounced deceased a short time after arriving at the emergency room.


The investigation is being conducted jointly by the Texas Rangers and Liberty County Sheriff’s Lead Investigator Steven Rasberry. Division Commander Captain Billy Knox said that an autopsy was ordered and will be conducted Monday to determine the cause of death.


At this time the inmate’s name is being withheld until it is assured that all of his family members have been notified. The joint investigation by both law enforcement agencies is continuing.

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  1. bbarr

    We know how this will play out.
    If he’s white……end of story.
    If he’s not white…… the trial lawyers onsite will only be out numbered by the news crews.

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