June 25, 2022 5:34 pm



Wednesday morning Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner asked motorists to stay out of the area of SH 242 and Interstate 45 as the traffic will be extremely heavy. TXDOT will be closing ALL Northbound lanes of Interstate 45 at 11 pm Friday night and for the next fifty-four hours it will remain closed. It will reopen at 5 am on Monday. During this time ALL traffic will be taken off the freeway at the College Park exit and will be forced to travel the feeder , through the SH 242 intersection and beyond FM 1488 before re-entering the freeway. With SH 242 cross traffic and the signals traffic is expected to be at almost a stand still.

On the southbound side ALL main lanes will be closed from 9 pm on Friday to 5 am on Monday. All southbound traffic will exit SH 242 and travel through the SH 242 intersection and re enter the freeway just before Research Forest.

This is due to large cranes being placed on the freeway to lift the steel beams into position for the new SH 242 Flyover.

Many people may try to travel FM 1488 to I-45 to go northbound, However remember you will be merging with heavy traffic on the northbound feeder. With a merge lane in place , many do not realize that it is a merge lane and stop to wait on traffic before entering the flow.

Commissioner Noack suggests using several alternates such as US 59, FM 2978, or Fish Creek, Gosling or Kuykendahl.

In addition the Texas  Renaissance Festival starts this weekend on FM 1774 north of Magnolia. FM 1774 is also under construction and traffic has been grid locked daily, This year officials urged motorists to travel I-45 to SH 105 to FM 1774 or SH 6 to SH 105 and east to FM 1774. With the construction on I-45 expect extensive delays.

Police will be in place to assist traffic flow