December 5, 2022 7:30 pm

Posted: 11.3.2010 10:03


On Thursday over fifty students of New Caney, Caney Creek, and Splendoras High Schools appeared in front of Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Mett’s to answer why they weren’t in school.
One student who refused to show up in court had an unwelcome visitor at his girlfriend’s house when Judge Mett’s sent a Precinct 4 Deputy to pick him up and bring him to the courtroom. However, that same student didn’t spend long in East County. Once back in court Judge Mett’s ordered a urinalysis on the student and it tested positive for meth and marijuana. Paperwork was completed and once again he found himself in the back of a patrol car to appear in front of Judge Stewart in Conroe.
In all six students found themselves heading off to jail on Contempt of Court charges for failing to obey Judge Mett’s earlier order to be in school.
Several more were placed in the AIM program which has been very successful in his court. It combines a GPS tracking device, communicator and follow-up phone calls by counselors.
On student on the way out of the courtroom raised his voice at his mother, Judge Mett’s ordered him back into the courtroom and reprimanded him about how he spoke to his mother and how he would not tolerate disrespect toward parents.
Still, other students were ordered to attend school with their mothers starting after Spring Break until he determined the student could abide by the court orders.
One mother advised the Judge that she had to work. The Judge responded with,”you will go to school with him or you will be arrested and put in jail”. He then continued to tell the student how he should be ashamed of himself having to put his mother through this.