November 26, 2022 3:48 pm

Posted: 29.6.2022 17:09



 Rebecca Hatcher of Magnolia remains in ICU at Memorial Hermann Woodlands after more than seven surgeries. This after she was walking near her home in the 37000 block of Pine Bark in the Hazy Hollow Subdivision when she was attacked on the road by three pit bulls and dragged into the ditch.  The incident occurred just after 10:30 pm on June 20, 2022. Tammy Remey, a resident just down the street heard the screaming and came out to see what was happening. She realized it was down the street so got in her car and drove toward the source. She was met by the horrific sight of three pit bulls mauling a woman on the ground who at that point quit screaming and made Tammy believe she was dead. Tammy called 911 and tried to get a friend down the street to help. He wasn’t home so she returned seconds later as 911 told her not to exit the vehicle. The dogs ran off. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene as did Magnolia Fire Department and MCHD. Rebecca was extremely critical as she was transported to Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands. There she immediately went into surgery. Montgomery County Animal Control was alerted as was Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables Animal Cruelty Division. Animal Control was able to locate the dogs and take them into custody. One of the dogs was in such bad shape with a large unrelated gash to his leg that Montgomery County Vets had to do surgery on it. Wednesday morning the owner of the dogs, Mitchell Weemes appeared in the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace Matt Masden’s Courtroom. The reason was to determine if the dogs should be put down. After hearing both sides and the investigator’s statement the dogs were ordered destroyed. Weemes broke down asking the Judge to see his dogs. Masden told Animal Control to give him 48 hours to do so before the dogs were destroyed. Weems told the judge that he had paid a friend to watch the three dogs. The friend resided across the street from the witness. The rear of the house is fenced but not the front. Even today as investigators were in the area residents’ and dogs were running after people down the street.  Investigator Toby McLaughlan with Precinct 2 Animal Cruelty stated dogs were running all over the neighborhood and animal control was unable to round up all the dogs due to some staffing shortages, and an entire county to handle. Also if they arrive and the dog has already retreated to the owner’s property they are unable to cite or capture the animal.  He stated residents needed to use caution while walking in the neighborhood. Chris Hatcher, Rebecca Hatcher’s brother said he was able to communicate with Rebecca using a notepad yesterday. She is still on a ventilator and feeding tube as the damage was also done to her trachea.  Today Tammy showed us the location which was just feet from Rebecca’s driveway. Blood and human hair could be seen in the ditch. Tammy said when she first saw her that she was on the road and the dogs dragged her into the ditch. The family wished to share the photos to show dog owners just how bad an injury can be with dogs not secured. Chris Hatcher, Rebecca’s brother posted on GOFUNDME We have no idea what the cost of all this will be or how much care Rebecca will need once she is released from the hospital. She has had numerous surgeries since arriving at the hospital, along with blood transfusions to save her life. They are talking about equipment already that she is going to need to be able to help her recover from her injuries. Rebecca has no insurance and is currently unemployed. My parents are in their mid-seventies and have been dealing with my father battling cancer for the last two years, caring for my brother, who is disabled, and raising my nephew. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated.




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