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Judge rules in case of neglected horses

NORTH MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace Lanny Moriarty awarded two horses to the SPCA on Wednesday after testimony regarding their condition at the time they were seized, which was late last month. The horses’ owner did not attend the hearing.

The horses, owned by Peggy Summey, were located on FM 1484 just north of FM 2432 near Willis when multiple reports of their poor condition led to law enforcement stepping in to save them.

Precinct 4 Livestock Officers Dwayne Morrow and Don Smith investigated the situation then arranged for a seizure order which placed the horses in the care of the Houston SPCA.

The deputies previously visited the property and warned the owner that the horses needed to be seen by a veterinarian, but their condition appeared to be deteriorating.

An SPCA representative testified that one of the horses is a “geriatric” mare, at least 20 years old, who had a torn eyelid and was unable to close that eye. The other is an approximately 4-year-old stud, with a large and possibly contagious infection on the right side of his face. Among their many problems, both horses were malnourished, with heavy parasites which might have been caused from eating feces since they were scrounging for food, she said. Despite treatment, neither is able to eat normally at this point.

Moriarty also ordered the owner to pay the SPCA $8,035 for the horses care from the time of their seizure until the court date. The appeal bond amount was set at $10,000.

Montgomery County News was unable to reach Summey for comment.

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