Tuesday, November 28, 2023


For the second time in a week Montgomery County Precinct 2 Chief Deputy has been late getting home. Tuesday as he was within blocks of his home he spotted a garage totally involved in flames caused by lightning.

On Thursday evening he was just a few short blocks from home in River Plantation when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher alerted units to a possible burglary in progress. As Roper waited for the dispatcher to finish putting out the information he was turning into the driveway of the home being reported.  as he approached the back door of the two story home. As he got to the back door a male and female were exiting. Holding them at gunpoint he waited for his backup. Moments later his backup arrived. Deputy W.L. got out of his car and witnessed two males run through the front door and across the yard. A short foot pursuit took place until he had them to at gunpoint.
All were juveniles. As deputies entered the home they discovered it had been trashed. Ceramics broken, mirrors and picture frame glass smashed, ice cream slung across the living room. A fire had been attempted on the kitchen counter. The home owners files had been slung everywhere, checks littered the floor as did glass, clothes and liquor bottles. A broom protruded through the wall.
The home owner was notified and returned to her home. Deputies then discovered the elderly woman had been staying with a friend after a pelvis fracture, she walked with the help of a walker. She had lost her husband just five months before.
One of the juveniles parents found a gun that was missing from the home in his sons room. All were taken into custody and will be handled by juvenile authorities.


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  1. The other comments are correct. IT DOES NOT matter if the lady has not lived there for 30 yrs. It does not matter if she is a hoarder. Maybe this is not their first time to break in the house. Maybe they have vandilized other homes that they were not caught in. They only got caught by accident anyway. Most vandilizim is not investigated out here unless you call the Sheriff’s department. I too am a working mother and my kids had to be a home some in the summer on their own. They never would even think of doing something like this. Why don’t they have jobs at this age? I just see parents making excuses for their childrens actions. The one mother is obviously lucky to be able to be at home with her children. It is her responsiblity to know what they are doing every minute. Mine had jobs at 15 and were too busy to be doing stuff like that. NO ONE has a right to enter someone’s home and do anything period. So whatever was done before is still on their hands because they are the one’s that got caught. I know the Judge that is handling their case and she is very fair and will look at all the evidence and hand out appropriate judgement. And last but not least who cares when the last time the ice cream was made or what year the calender is on. My calender is still on 2009 so if someone breaks into my house that would make it ok? I wish they would have tried to come into my house with my dogs! They would have regretted it sooner!

  2. Tell it Jamie…you are so right, when we were young if you got in trouble at school or with someone else’s parents you got it at home too, nowadays too many parents have the attitude that whatever their kid does is ok and should be excused…trust that I always told my kids that if they were right I’d fight to the end for them-but if they were in the wrong then I’d be sure that they made it right! Instead of trying to excuse everything and save them let’s all instead start to focus on making sure that above anything else they accept responsibility for all THEIR decisions, are honorable and of good character-and sometimes that means being tough and teaching hard lessons…everyone wonders why the world’s so f***ed up, but look at the way people think nowadays…our main job as parents is to prepare our children to go out in the world and live their life in a positive manner, and that means giving them responsibility, allowing them to make choices and holding them accountable when they make the wrong one. These kids knew they were breaking the law, and who knows if they were the ones who caused all the damage-that’s a moot point, because they were the ones who got caught and now they need to have it drilled into their heads why what they did was wrong, and their parents need to be sure above all else that they learn a lesson from this-about responsibility, caring for other people, and certainly that they find out that life isn’t always fair and though they may not have done it all they played a part and need to fix their “mistake” and face its consequence…

  3. Liberal crying? HA! I am far from liberal thank you very much. What makes you think these kids haven’t been taught right from wrong? What makes you think that the parents don’t regret that their children have made such poor decisions and that nothing will be done about it? Has every decision that any of us have ever made been a good one? No. We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them and don’t make them again. These kids made a horrible mistake. They disrespected the victim,her property, their familis,and themselves. They were wrong to do this. They have been detained and will face a judge and be issued a punishment. These are the things that we know. Hopefully they will learn from this error and move forward to be upstanding and productive citizens in the future. It is unfair to presume that this is the result of poor parenting. As parents we can teach our children right from wrong, we can take them to church, and be involved with them, show them how to be compassionate and productive but in the end the child may reject these lessons and make poor choices anyway. We don’t know these details. My point is that we only know what has been presented to us by the media. I never said that I felt they were completely innocent or that they shouldn’t be punished. And for the record I can’t stand “The View”!

  4. “Excessively accused”??? What kind of mother doesn’t stand up for her kids, you ask? The kind who’s trying to teach them right from wrong and genuinely regrets that their child is a criminal.
    This, my friends, is what’s wrong with this country. We’ve lost our moral compass.
    Your kids didn’t get in with the wrong crowd – They ARE the wrong crowd. Accept it and do something about it, or don’t whine in a few years when they can be tried as adults and wind up in Huntsville.
    And save the Liberal crying about this post – This isn’t “The View…”

  5. @ Tam- where do you read said excuses? @ Scott- She is simply pointing out there is reasonable doubt that these kids commited the crime of vandalism. Did she deny they were trespassing? No. Did she deny they commited burglary? No. She is simply stating that she feels they are being excessively accused. What kind of mother doesn’t stand up for her child when she feels it is necessary? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Where is the proof that they trashed the house? It is very easy to sit behind a computer screen and cast judements based on the little bit of information we have been presented in a way to tug at the heart strings. Yes the victim has suffered a violation of her property and she has had a rough year. I am sorry for her loss and wish her a full and swift recovery. But, to make it seem like this poor sweet lady came home to this mess is incorrect. She was HOME when the incident happened. The home in which she has resided for years. Who knows WHEN the actual vandalism occurred and WHO actually did it. There has been a lot of critisism of the parents of these children. How does anyone here know the type of parents these kids have? And how does anyone here know what type of punishment will be given to them by their own parents? For all we know they will all be grounded until they are 18 after the justice system is through with them. These kids made a bad decision and I pray they learn their lesson but these verbal attacks at them and their parents are unwarranted.

  6. They were in possession of property that was not theirs and that in and of itself is a crime. Yes, the house was gross and looked like a hoarders home, but it doesnt give them the right to be there. As a mom if they were in your living room and they decided to leave wouldnt you ask them where they were going and when they were going to be back? Jail time and community service should teach them not to do stupid things like this.

  7. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. People are afraid they will hurt someone’s feelings so lets just be nice to everyone even people that screw up. It doesn’t matter if this house was not being lived in or not. The kids had no business in a house that is not theirs. They where in the house without the owners consent. Bottom line is they deserve to be punished for there actions!

  8. jenmay, it doesn’t matter if the homeowner hasn’t lived in HER property for 20 years, it’s still hers and these “kids” had no business entering it or touching a thing that isn’t theirs-I can promise you though, keep making excuses for your child and you will one day be visiting them in prison…

  9. @jenmay37 – My family was recently in the media’s spotlight, so I truly know how you feel. In the last weeks, I have often thought of a line from a John Mayor song, “When they own the information, they can bend it all they want”… so sad, but so true. I don’t believe that the children are 100% innocent, but I do hope the truth comes out. Thinking of your entire family as everyone on the internet gets to throw punches your way based on how someone chooses to write an article to get more readers/sympathy/etc.

    • Call the reporter who covered the truancy story in Willis – she can distort the facts so much not only will your children not be punished, they’ll become the victims and their college will paid for by gullible strangers!

  10. MCAD data shows that this lady’s other River Plantation property is her homestead, purchased in May 2007. Maybe it wasn’t her staying with a friend, but a friend staying with her in her single story home with her in poor health.

  11. Looking at the pictures, that pile of matches was made over a long period of time. Most of them were only burned for a few seconds then extinguished and thrown into a pile. The file cabinet still had most of the files in the drawers. Those were the only things in this house that looked somewhat organized. Whoever lives in this house seems to be quite a hoarder. 2 of the kids arrested are wearing swimsuits and at least one is barefoot. Why would somebody barefoot go and break windows or mirrors or TVs. What’s with the “gun that was missing from the home” comment? It was still in the home. This story has been badly twisted to make these kids look guilty.

  12. OMG!!!! This is the best example of parents failing to do their job!!! HOLD THE PARENTS FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE & LOCK THIS BUNCH OF WORTHLESS P.O.S. UP FOR ABOUT 10 YEARS!!! BETTER YET GIVE THE F-ING PARENTS JAIL TIME FOR FAILURE TO DO THEIR JOB AS PARENTS!!!! THE APPLE DOES NOT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE!!! THROW THE BOOK AT THEM!! And this poor woman has had her home destroyed by these MORONS!!! I hope she has help getting her home back in order, this just makes me SICK & ANGRY AS HELL!!!

  13. Here’s a thought They need to cane their asses like they did in Singapore to the boy that vandalized that vehicle. I guarantee you that boy never did anything like that again!

  14. Sarah: Okay this is to all of you GUYS !!!! have a heart and think of how you would feel in their place ???? i mean im really really good friends with 1 of the guys thats part of this act but seriously why would you be so rude!!!
    IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THE DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!! well anyway just dont be so mean to them !!! EVERBODY MAKES MISTAKES !!!

  15. Are you guys even looking at the photos? that icecream hasnt been made since 08, there is a calender on the wall from 07, and that house has not been occupied in years. the owner may have been using it as storage for unnecessary things, which most of us calling hoarding. this house wasnt ransacked look at the photos with the file cabinet drawers open, the are all in its place, it appears that the house was just poorly kept and that a few curious kids went in it…

  16. I have one more comment to make. Nowhere in any article does it say that these kids were at this house for less than an hour. They were in my living room at 4:00 p.m. and were detained by authorities at 5:00 p.m. There is no way this could have been done in less than an hour. Look closely at the photos. This is just stacks of “stuff” that was left behind when the homeowner moved. The calendar on the wall is on Jan. 2007. The ice cream on the floor hasn’t been made since 2008. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem.


  17. I know this looks really bad for the kids involved. Please read what I have to say. The house that they entered was already in dissarray. The homeowner has not lived there for three years. She lives in another house around the corner. The kids should have in no way been in that house, but it’s not exactly what it looks like. The damage had been done before the kids ever entered . They were more or less just snooping around. My son was one of the kids involved and he described the house to me as a hoarders house. I know this looks really bad but please don’t convict them until they’ve been tried. I am confident in the justice system that the truth will come out. I understand you being angry at what these kids allegedly did, but please give them a chance at telling their story before you convict them. They are not bad kids or sick in the head or destructive or violent. They just went to a place they shouldn’t have been and got caught, where as the people who really did the crime of vandalism, just didn’t get caught. Thanks for reading our side of the story.

  18. This is just horrible. These teenagers need their asses whipped. They also need to pay for all the damage they did to this poor ladies house, not to mention that they need to make all repairs. I have been reading this website for a long time, and this angered me more than anything else I have read. Maybe we should take lessons from Singapore. I bet that boy never vandalized another vehicle or anything else for that matter. Prayers for the lady this happened too. May GOD bless her. This is just rediculous for anyone to do.!.

    • Wish Ted Poe was still Judge or a judge would take over where he left off. Covered many a story in his courtroom, carry signs, throw coins and have guilty pick them up and that was his sentence. He was really good.

  19. I feel so bad for this poor lady…as if she hasn’t been thru enough to have some spoiled sorry punks do this to her home!! They all need to stay in custody until they’re 18 and then THEY, not their parents, need to be made to work and pay for ALL that they damaged!! Unfortunately though with today’s thinking it’ll be the parents who are responsible and will have to work their a** off to pay for it-which will teach the kids nothing-except if my kid did this I’d beat them so often and so hard they’d never do it again, and they’d be working whatever they could find to pay me back!!

  20. They had access to a gun….they attempted to commit arson ..it may be too late for any spankings to help at this point…by the look of destruction, it is very lucky that the woman was not home or did not walk in on them…

  21. Good God, why would someone do this? I cannot even imagine the sickness in someone’s head to act on such a violent and senseless crime. What is this poor lady going to do? I just don’t understand it.

    Scott, please post info on how we can help her.


  22. Every one of them punk kids needs their butts tore up with that broom! And should have to pay for and help restore this lady’s house along with going to JJAEP…( I think that’s the abbreviations for the juvenile school in conroe) when schoolI starts backhollering in august! Kids now days have no respect for people and/ or their property! If its not yours don’t touch it how hard is that to comprehend ???

  23. All we can hope for is justice is served in this case. Unreal what people will do. And to know the homeowner was not in good health and just lost a spouse. Just a sad thing. You mean kids are this bored already this summer?

  24. Look at the damage these children have done… This is so sad and I hope they are punished severely. I would like to see them take responsibility for their actions. I hope the parents take them back to the ladys house and has them clean up the mess and havoc they have created. 12 hours a day every day until done

  25. these “Juveniles” need to be sent away for 5 years to learn respect….this is worse than a home burning down. The utter mess and disregard for someones home is apparent that they have learned nothing from their own parents. If this lady needs a TV or computer monitor (flat screen) I have both I will gladly donate if she (or Scott) will contact me

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