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kick burglar captured in flordia

hasselbrind, derrickEarly this morning Dixie County Sheriff’s Office which is northeast of Tampa, Florida  arrested 38-year-old Drerrick Hasselbring.

Hasselbring has been the center of a manhunt since several elderly women’s homes had been broken into when they were not there. The doors were kicked in on all of them. In one burglary a silver vehicle was spotted along with a white male at the door.

Most of these burglaries happened in the Plum Grove Area near at the Montgomery/Liberty County line. Some involved the theft of multiple hand guns.Liberty County circulated the photo and within hours tips started coming in on his identity.

One of those tips came from Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable Eli Rivera. Rivera, two days before the photo was circulated stopped Hasselbring at White Oak and Hickory in Splendora. He was issued a citation for no insurance and no drivers license. At the time there were no open warrants. His vehicle was towed by Humble Wrecker Service and impounded where the Mitsubishi remains.

Precinct 4 policy states if a vehicle is stopped for no insurance or no drivers license it is towed to impound and cannot be recovered until the proof is shown of insurance and drivers license.

This policy comes after several years ago Dallas Police Department was sued. At the time a Dallas Officer stopped a vehicle for no drivers license and no insurance. The citation was issued and driver allowed to go on his way. Three blocks from the traffic stop the driver ran a red light hitting another vehicle and killing a mother and her three children. The citation was still in the drivers pocket..

Florida officials said the arrest went without incident. He will now be returned to Liberty County.

There is a possibility of up to three burglars working with him are still at large.

Hasselbring has a long criminal history from both Texas and Florida:

April 10, 1990-Robbery Gun/Deadly Weapon

March 22, 1998-Escape From Custody

April 26, 1998-Evading Arrest Using a Vehicle

April 9, 1999-Harrassment

May 12, 2000-Burglary of a Building

January 1, 2002-Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon

February 17, 2006-Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

January 14, 2010-Grand Theft Motor Vehicle (received 1 yr-1 day and released 11/20/2010 Highland Co. Fl.)

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