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A “tip” from an anonymous citizen led to the arrest of Wayne Ross Maitland wanted for the kidnapping of little one year old Colt Williams, his step son, almost two weeks ago. A citizen notified the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher that Maitland had been seen going into the home of his step father located on CR 451 just off of Hwy. 1409 in south Liberty County at approximately 3:pm this evening. Several Deputies responded to the CR 451 location and found the vehicle that Maitland had fled the county in parked behind the residence.

After repeated knocks on the door from Deputies, a relative came to the door but denied that Wayne Maitland was actually in the house even though his vehicle was parked at the rear of the house. After Deputies carefully explained the futility of the denial even with Maitland having been clearly seen coming and going from the house as well as the option of the relative being charged with harboring a felon and going to jail themselves, logic prevailed and the relative admitted that Wayne Maitland was, in fact, in the house and was hiding inside the air conditioning return vent. Deputies removed Maitland from the small return vent and he was taken into custody without resistance and placed in the Liberty County jail on kidnapping charges.

Other charges may be pending and follow up investigation is being conducted by Texas Ranger Brandon Bess and Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Investigator Paul Lasco. Wayne Maitland will not go before a Judge until tomorrow to determine a bond.




A call to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Dispatcher at approximately 6:pm this evening has set into motion an “Amber Alert” for little one year old Colt Williams born 11-09-13. A domestic dispute between Colt’s mother, Chelsie Hooper and her husband, Wayne Ross Maitland on CR 622 in the West Liberty County area developed when it is alleged that Maitland taped the hands of his wife, Chelsie and told her that he was going to make her watch him commit suicide by placing a hose to his vehicle tail pipe and running it into the car.

Ms. Hooper managed to jump from the vehicle on CR 622 but the one year old baby boy remained in the vehicle that was last seen headed towards CR 686 from CR 622.

The vehicle is described as a 2006 black 4 door Infinity with silver trim around the windows and damage to the front bumper. Texas License plate #DSK 9210.

From the circumstances described by Ms. Hooper, it is thought that Wayen Maitland is suicidal which raises concern for little Colt Williams and his safety.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone who may have any information as to the location of Wayne Maitland or that may see the vehicle, to call 911 and report it immediately.





Little Colt Williams has been found safe in New Iberia, Louisiana. A Liberty County dispatcher checking hospitals in the region inquiring about the baby got a real surprise early Saturday morning. After calling hospitals in East Texas she started checking in Louisiana and that is when she reached the staff at a New Iberia, Louisiana Emergency Room. They informed her a short time earlier they heard a baby crying in the Emergency Room waiting area and when they went to investigate, the baby was behind a partition wall, all alone.

His abductor Wayne Ross Maitland was no where to be found.

The baby is expected back in Liberty sometime this morning.

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