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Lake Rescue UPDATE!



LAKE CONROE — Around 5 p.m. Saturday, the Pct. 1 Constable’s Office Lake Patrol responded to a distress call from a boat that was taking on water because no one remembered to put the plug into the boat before launching it.

When the Lake Patrol unit reached the 21-foot boat, they found 11 people onboard the vessel and told them to follow the patrol boat, heading toward a nearby marina because the boat would not continue to fill with water if it remained in motion.

Unfortunately, a man in another boat (possibly the owner)  approached, instructing them to stop the boat. His friends complied and the boat again started to fill with water, causing 11 people to wind up in the lake. About half were not wearing life vests. They were all rescued and checked out by EMS.

Pct. 1 had multiple boats in the water and received assistance from North Montgomery County Fire Department.

Towboats US was requested and responded to the scene. They used a crane to raise the rear of the boat, and placed airbags in the front, raising it above the waterline so they could pump it out.


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