October 1, 2022 6:38 pm

Posted: 22.6.2012 19:10

letter to voters from david moore candidate for precinct 2 constable

Dear Campaign Friends,

I would first like to say "Thank You" to all of the voters of Precinct 2 who voted for me in the Republican Primary. I also want to thank all of my supporters, family, donors and campaign workers who have stood by me during this extended campaign. It has been along and hard ride. I have met so many amazing people during my campaign. I chose to run for Constable Of Precinct 2 to continue my career in law enforcement and public service. I have 29 dedicated years of service to the citizens of Montgomery County. I am qualified and have the experience to be your Constable. Most importantly, I possess a genuine desire to serve all of the citizens of this precinct. Being a lifelong resident of this city and county, I have watched it grow and transform into the wonderful area that it is today. I also chose to stay in this community and raise my family here.
Public safety has always been my top priority in my career. I have always worked hard for the citizens and will continue to do so as Constable. I have been endorsed and recommended by numerous organizations and groups for this elected position, including The Courier, Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association, Texas Patriots PAC, and The Conservative Coalition of Montgomery County. These endorsements and recommendations were just not handed out, they were earned. I was judged on my abilities, work ethics, experience, qualifications and visions for the Constable’s Office. I am proud of each endorsement and recommendation.
I would like to address a couple of issues that my opponent has made towards me in the newspaper. First, my opponent stated that I have made "promises" that I cannot keep. This is not true. The only promises I have made during the entire campaign is that I will be fair, honest, work hard for all of the citizens and be a full-time Constable with an open-door policy. These are the promises I can and will keep with my dedication to serve the citizens. I stated that I have created several goals to increase the effectiveness of the Constable’s Office in it’s daily duties. These goals may be implemented or changed according to assessments I plan to make to keep up with the ever changing trends in criminal activity. My opponent also stated I will try to run the Constable’s Office like the Sheriff’s Office or the Police Department. This is not true. I want the Precinct 2 Constable’s Office to be a model Constable’s Office which performs it’s functions set forth by the State of Texas. I want an office that all of the citizens are proud of and know that it is working hard to help them with all of their needs.
This year’s election process has been long due to redistricting issues on the state level. Our Republican Primary Run-Off election has been set for July 31st, 2012. Early voting has been set for July 23rd-27th, 2012. I am asking that everyone who supported me, came out in the primary election and voted for me, Please return to the polls for the Run-Off election and cast your vote for David Moore. I am #1 on the ballot. Every vote is going to count if you want to make a change. I have also received the endorsement of David Womack, the third candidate in the primary race. I am excited about this endorsement and welcome his supports to join with me at the polls to make this change.
Very Sincerely,
David Moore, Candidate
Precinct 2 Constable