Levitated Metals Breaks Ground For New Facility In East Montgomery County

The newest business to call the East Montgomery County Industrial Park
home, Levitated Metals. “We’re excited to welcome Levitated Metals to East Montgomery County,” said Frank McCrady,
EMCID President/CEO. “The company provides a very unique service, one that’s environmentally
conscious and makes use of discarded metals which are repurposed into everyday products.”
A specialty metal recycling company, Levitated Metals uses a special method of “density flotation”
to separate scrap metal which is then sold to consumers in the automotive and cast aluminum
industries. This will be the second plant of its type built in the United States in over a decade.
“Levitated Metals uses sink/float tanks to separate aluminum from the heavier metals, such as
copper, stainless steel, brass, and zinc,” said owner Ronak Shah. “This process separates the
metals from a recycling byproduct called Zorba. After the floating process pulls all the metals
apart, we sell the independent metals to consumers who make new metal products. For example,
from start to finish, these recycled metals we have processed and sold can be used to cast the
engine block of an F150 truck in approximately a month.”
This unique metal recycling process will take place at the company’s new facility being built-in
New Caney at the intersection of Ceila Way and Callie Way. Shah hopes to have construction
completed in September.
“We are excited to get-up-and-running,” said Shah. “We chose to build a facility in the East
Montgomery County Industrial Park because it is business-friendly, logistically-friendly and we
have great neighbors that are also interested in manufacturing. The Houston market is a great
location because we can transport recycled metals easily to companies in the United States and
Mexico. This is a great opportunity for us.”

Pictured are the owner, Ronak and Angela Shah (12th and 13th from left), their children, Mark Linabury, president of the Greater East Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (9th from left), Frank McCrady, President/CEO of the East Montgomery County Improvement District (10th from left), plus the contractor, owners of other businesses in the East Montgomery County Industrial Park, and business associates and friends of the Shahs.

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