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imageOn Sunday afternoon, January 22, 2012, Deputies from the LCSO were actively searching for a Burglary Suspect from the Liberty area.  The Suspect, identified as Glenn, Michael Jr. was operating a motor vehicle which he (Glenn) crashed into a structure.  Deputies from the LCSO attempted to remove Mr. Glenn from the motor vehicle, however, Mr. Glenn was not cooperative and actually set fire to said motor vehicle.  As Deputies continued to struggle with Mr. Glenn, he (Glenn) assaulted the LCSO Deputies.  One of the Deputies, Sgt. Koen, was able to reach his CS Spray and deploy the product onto Mr. Glenn.  This action only had minimal effect and the struggle continued.  As several citizens passed by witnessing the severity of the situation, they came to the aid of the Deputies and assisted in finally gaining control of Mr. Glenn.  Both Deputies from the LCSO sustained minor injury and some irritation from CS Spray.

Mr. Glenn was transported to the Liberty County Jail where he was placed into a Detox Cell to await booking into the facility.  After a period of time, Mr. Glenn had remained calm and non-aggressive.  Mr. Glenn asked for and received the opportunity to make a phone call.  After a few minutes he was instructed to end said phone call.  Mr. Glenn made the decision to not comply becoming aggressive and belligerent.  Additional personnel were called to the booking area.  Mr. Glenn, upon seeing the additional personnel, one of whom was a supervisor with CS Spray, eventually complied with numerous requests to stop and comply.  Mr. Glenn eventually complied and began to walk back to the cell. 

However, Mr. Glenn then turned, attacking the Jail Supervisor.  Mr. Glenn,  with force was able to disarm said supervisor and deployed the CS Spray at the supervisor and other Jail personnel.  A struggle ensued to regain control of the CS Spray and Mr. Glenn.  This struggle continued for a time in the booking and hallway area only of the Facility.  Mr. Glenn was eventually subdued and returned to his cell.  Mr. Glenn and several Jail employee’s sustained minor injuries and irritation from the CS Spray deployed in the booking and hallway area of the Facility.

Mr. Glenn faces several criminal charges, to include, Disarming a Public Servant and  Assault on a Public Servant.  Mr. Glenn remains in the Liberty County Jail with no bond.  Mr. Glenn has a lengthy Criminal History with numerous prior arrests which include Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Theft and Evading

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