Wednesday, July 24, 2024


A routine traffic stop by a Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Interdiction Unit at Hwy. 59 North and S. Wayside in North Liberty County resulted in a high speed car pursuit that ended when the violator’s vehicle crashed into a fence at the Cleveland High School football field. The occupants jumped from the crashed vehicle and were later apprehended by law enforcement.

The driver, Nelson Lopez, age 19 and his passenger, Luis Nolasco, age 26 were arrested and charged with several offenses.

At approximately 1:50 pm this date, Deputies stopped the violators vehicle and the driver, Nelson Lopez did not have a driver’s license nor insurance for the vehicle. As the Sergeant returned to his county vehicle to run a records check on the two occupants, the passenger, Luis Nolasco jumped from the car and then jumped back in the passenger seat. As he made this movement, both Deputies spotted what appeared to be a hand gun stuck into the back of his belt.

The driver sped away from the stop and the high speed pursuit began with units from the Cleveland Police Department and DPS units joining in the chase. While this chase progressed and continued in speeds of near 100 miles per hour towards the Cleveland School. Cleveland I.S.D Chief Rex Evans, called for a “lock down” of the school in order to assure the safety of the students. In fact the violators vehicle did finally crash into a fence that surrounds the school’s football stadium at Charles Barker Rd. and South Line road but the area was clear and no students were in harm’s way. Immediately after the wreck, the two occupants jumped and ran from the vehicle but were quickly caught and arrested by the pursuing Officers.

A search of the crashed vehicle revealed two (2) pistols in the car with one being a Glock 40 cal. reported as stolen from Harris County.

The driver, Nelson Lopez, was charged with Evading arrest by Motor Vehicle and Evading on Foot. The passenger, Luis Nolasco was charged with Evading on Foot. It is expected that both men will later be charged with the theft of the stolen pistol.

Both men were placed in the Liberty Count jail and, at this time, no bond had been set.

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