Just before 2 p.m. Monday afternoon Liberty County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a fenced in mobile home on County Road 310 just off of SH 321 and east of Cleveland. A utility worker had been dispatched to disconnect the water service from the home. When she arrived she found a Pit Bull tied on a very short chain near the fence. Another Pit Bull which appeared very under nourished was eating on the other Pit Bulls ear and side of it’s head.

Deputies arrived and soon discovered a total of twenty-one dogs on the fenced in property. Five were dead, of those several were in the home which reeked of animal urine, feces and dead animals. Inside they also found two caged and dead Hedge Hogs. But also two cats which appeared in good health.

A local vet was called to check the dog that had been chewed on and she determined that he was beyond help and was put down.

The SPCA from Houston was dispatched to the scene and took custody of the many animals. Cages were unloaded from their van and as each animal was documented and photographed the animal was loaded in a crate and put in the van.

As deputies stood by waiting several of them took upon themselves to give the dogs water. One Pit Bull was at the end of his chain and inches from the water bucket. He was pawing at the five-gallon bucket in an attempt to reach it.

The owner of the property appeared late in the afternoon and was quickly arrested for cruelty to animals. As deputies cuffed her and escorted her to the patrol car she cried out to them, “I’m not the only one who did this”.

Captain Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said this had been one of the worst cruelty to animals scenes that he has worked since being in law enforcement.

Sheriff Henry Patterson also came to the scene to see first hand how bad the animals were.

Tarkington and Cleveland Fire Departments responded to the scene with self-contained breathing apparatus so deputies could enter and remove the animals from the house.

Amy LaBuff, was transported to the Liberty County Jail and is charged with Cruelty to Animals.






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                                                 AMY LABUFF WAS ARRESTED AT THE SCENE

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  1. Diane Reid

    She gets what she deserves. This is Inhumane 🙁 If you cant take care of them don’t have them. There is a lot of this in Liberty County/ Cleveland area. I have rescued 2 Dogs and 1 Pot Bellie in our neighborhood. The Pot Bellie was being shot at by teens in the neighborhood with BB Guns 🙁 All have been Awesome Pets! My first Rescue Dog is 10 Years old now and has been the best dog a person can have.

  2. justalken

    How could anyone be that cruel, they should be locked up & made to watch every dog that has to be put down behind what they have done. As well as do some big time jail time heartless people like that make me sick.Who cares if she cries did she care when they cried evidently not. I strongly feel people like this will burn in HELL as they should for abuse of Gods creatures. My heart breaks for the pain & suffering the beloved pets have gone threw.And anyone who saw this & didn’t report it should be ashamed & in my eyes just a guilty as the people who did it. We have to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves that being pets, children, the elderly & disabled it is our responsibility are we are as guilty as the abuser.

  3. guys_wife

    this is pitiful animals dont deserve to be treated this way hope this gal n whomever else who lives on property or frequents it pays a very heavy price for this one.

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